Why we're Wigan's best property renovation company

While we've been trading all over the north-west for decades, renovations are one of the most popular jobs we get asked to do and so we have tons of experience doing them! Not only do we use professional interior designers and architects to work through your ideas when needed, but we work with you to make your dreams and ideas come to life with even more features and functionality than you thought! We also make it a point to make all our new renovations as energy efficient as possible to future-proof your property.

If you've just bought a fixer-upper and want to improve your new home and make it yours then we can work with you every step of the way to enable you to live in it at the same time as we're working on it! We only hire professional,friendly and efficient builders in our team so you'll feel safe and secure while our team is in your home.

On the other hand, if you want to renovate your property to add value onto it and make it look its best before selling it on, then we're a great help there too! We can help to make it more attractive to potential buyers by not only improving the look of it, but adding insulation and energy saving features to make the long-term savings more attractive to a buyer!

All in all, if you're looking to get your property renovated, then contact us now and we'll give you a free no obligation chat and quote if needed and we can make your dreams come true!

Wigan Builders - Property Renovations in Wigan
Wigan Builders - Property Renovations in Wigan

While our team do separate kitchen and bathroom renovations, if you are looking to get your entire property renovated, then we can help you there too! There are a few reasons you might do this, whether it’s just to refresh your home, improve it before selling it, or after buying it! Either way, it can cost a fair amount due to the fact that renovations change every single room in a house, and can even include landscaping and structural works if you need! 

It is worth noting though, getting a full property renovation at the same time is much better than changing each room one by one at different dates, due to the efficiency of renting equipment, labour and material storage and buying in bulk.

Generally when looking to renovate an entire property, you’ll be looking at around £1,000 to £2,000 per square metre. The average 3 bedroom terraced house being about £70,000 to £120,000 depending on just how much you’d like to change, the types of materials you’d like to use in the decorations and furnishings and how luxury you’d like the appliances and building to be. A large cost is any structural works that need to be done, such as knocking down walls or installing new double glazing. Another is how much plumbing and electrical work needs to be done as these can get quite expensive.

Our building team in Wigan has been doing property renovations for years which means we have managed to secure fantastic deals with local companies which help drive our costs down! While the number may look like a lot for a property renovation, we can assure you that we’ll provide the best value-for-money in the north-west and will always charge you exactly what we quote! We know the cost of everything and everyone we need to buy or rent and can break these costs down for you for transparency and peace of mind!

If you have any questions for us or want a very quick price of what your property renovation might cost, get in touch with us to have a chat and we’ll figure it out with you!

Every home is different, with different amounts of bedrooms, bathrooms and the like, but generally a 3 bedroom, 2 floor house renovation in Wigan would take around 2-5 months, whereas a 1 bedroom bungalow would be closer to 4-8 weeks. It’s also of course, dependant on just how much work you’d like done to your home.

If you’re looking for just a light redecoration, with some paint, re-tiling etc. then this greatly reduces the time taken for your renovation as these can be very quick jobs that don’t require a lot of waiting. The biggest time sink is in structural works, where you might want to knock through or add walls, change the location of doors and windows, or create extensions. That’s because you have to wait for concrete to settle, adhesives to set and wood to expand into place.

The next biggest contributing factor to the time taken for a renovation is if you want to move any plumbing or electrical appliances. As these tasks always require specialists, the cost for their skills is considerably greater than a general labourer. You’ll also need them on site twice when moving sinks, baths, lights etc. As they’ll need to perform a first fix, to move everything over, then a second fix to attach to the fittings installed by the labourers.

The third largest factor is bespoke or odd-shaped furniture. As these require a lead time from carpenters and manufacturers, we’ll usually order these as soon as work starts, so that they are ready as soon as possible. However, because the furniture isn’t made by us, we can’t guarantee when they’ll be ready so there might be delays that are out of our hands. Besides that, bespoke furniture does take time to build due to the use of specialist techniques.

Finally, flooring is another factor that many home owners forget about. While it may be well and good changing the walls and lights of your property, if you keep with the same drab, dreary looking carpet you’ve always had, the renovation won’t make a great deal of difference! Many people opt to change their flooring to wood, and in some rooms install under floor heating (such as bathrooms and bedrooms). These can be an excellent luxury touch that also serves the purpose of keeping you warm in the winter!

All in all, if you’ve got an idea of what you need for your property renovation, but don’t know how long it will take or when you can fit it in, then feel free to give us a call! We’ll have a no obligation chat with you about what you’d like, and talk through any of the finer, undecided points you may have which will hopefully give you an idea of the timeline you’d be looking at so you can make alternative arrangements to move for the time taken!

There are a few reasons you might want a property renovation in Wigan, but normally those that ask for them are split into 4 categories of people.

Current occupiers

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, but find that it’s all getting a bit tired and worn down, a proper renovation as opposed to a paint job might be exactly what your house needs! Over time, wood naturally cracks due to temperature changes, which can warp doorways and frames, window frames, furniture and any wooden fittings and furnishings and damage paint. Damp can seep into the walls, causing foul odours and smells and wear away at paint, no matter how many times to go over the surface. Sun can always wear away at the outside and inside of your property, washing everything out eventually.

A property renovation on your home in Wigan would be a great way to fall in love with your home all over again! At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to put in any modern fittings and furnishings you might want in your home, such as under-floor heating, specialist kitchen equipment like an espresso machine, a beautiful bespoke bath or anything you can think of besides!

Home sellers

If you are looking to sell your current property and upgrade into a new one, a renovation is always recommended before you put it on the market. This way the home will look it’s sparkling best and you can upgrade it with modern fittings such as LED and low energy lighting, new kitchen equipment, a fresh looking bathroom and anything else you feel would add to the character of the property. It’s been proven that well done renovations can add as much as 10-20% extra value onto the price of your home, which pays for itself and more when it comes time to sell!

At the same time, if you have a sales agent, it’s probably worth your time to talk with them about what they feel would help your home sell the most; they may feel that it’s worth changing your current garage into a studio or home office space for example, in which case we can also take care of that for you too!

Home buyers

If you’ve found a great deal on a fixer upper, then provided there aren’t any serious structural problems that need addressing (which should of course been picked up by a surveyor and made you aware), then a property renovation will help you turn it into a home you can truly love and live in!

While it may be tempting to DIY and fix it up yourself, unless you’re a very skilled labourer or have experience in the construction industry, this can be a costly, very time consuming and in some cases dangerous thing to do! Renovations don’t just require a bit of tiling and re-painting; in some cases you may have dry rot in your wooden flooring. You could have doors that are warped and don’t close properly, or you may attempt to knock a wall in, not realise there is electrics or plumbing behind the wall that you then knock through and break!

We are experts at property renovations and have been doing them for decades in the north-west. If you want us to have a look through your new property, then get in touch with us now and we can let you know if it’s safe to attempt to DIY, or if it will just save you time and money to use our services! We have a reputation built over many years of being honest and transparent with our customers.

Property flippers

If you are looking for great ways to make money with property, they don’t come much better than buying run down properties on the cheap, fixing them up and flipping them for a profit! We have worked with property retailers in the past to help them in this task by assessing properties with them to let them know if we believe it is worth the time and effort for a fair profit. If we think it is, we’ll get started as soon as they buy, get the job done within a few months and pass it back to them to get sold!

This has turned out to be a very profitable asset for our clients in the past and if you’re thinking of doing so, get in touch with us! We can even turn 1 or 2 bedroom houses into 3-4 bedrooms and a greater profit and turn them into homes of multiple occupancy to allow you to change into separate units to sell!

Feel free to give us a call and discuss what your goals are so we can give you some advice with absolutely no obligation!