The average Brit spends almost 6 hours a week in their kitchen and we believe the time you spend in there should be spent in a beautifully designed room. That's why we focus so hard on making every one of our kitchen renovations a fantastic space for you to look at, as well as functional enough to work with you and your unique cooking habits.

We've had decades of experience building new kitchens all around the northwest and our team is always reliable, efficient, professional and are always great communicators. If you want to have a chat with us, we're available anytime during the weekdays and if your request is urgent, we'll also speak to you on the weekends!

When you speak to us about your kitchen and your ideas for it, we'll ask you some questions about how you cook and go about using your kitchen and from there, build a plan with you on how we can best help you out. We'll make sure that you're happy with the final design before we quote you, and then our work will always completely reflect what we've agreed together! Best of all, our quote for you will always be free of charge and with no obligation, all we ask is that you're open to ideas and trying new things!

Wigan Builders - Kitchen Renovations in Wigan
Wigan Builders - Renovations in Wigan

When it comes to renovating kitchens in Wigan, the first thing we always do is have a conversation with you about how exactly you’ll be using the space. That’s because the way a kitchen looks isn’t  as important as how it’s laid out. If you want the family to eat in the kitchen then we’ll need to install a table, or a floating shelf that doubles as a prep area, and of course this will be limited by space. Or if you want specialist equipment installed such as an espresso machine, then we’ll also need to find space for that and rearrange accordingly!

Next, once the quote, design and plan has been signed off by you, we’ll start the actual works. We’ll begin by removing the wall units, worktop and base units, then finally the flooring. The next step is to change the electrics and plumbing behind where all of those previously were to get ready for the new kitchen. So pulling wires, changing positions for new sockets and sinks etc. This is known as first fix plumbing and electrics.

Once the first fixes are done, we’ll lay new flooring down for your kitchen in Wigan, whether it’s wood, tiling or anything else you need! On top of that, if you’ve opted for under floor heating, we’ll also install that at this stage. Once that’s in place, we’ll start installing the new wall units and base units to your specifications, as well as any electrical sockets. That’s because next comes the second fix electrics, at which point our electrician will wire up all the sockets, lighting and any other electrical fittings required.

We’ll then fit and install the new worktop surfaces in your new kitchen in Wigan, starting with any connected to the wall, then any island units. We’ll then install the sink and complete the plumbing required to connect your cold and hot water sources, your drainage systems and any appliances such as washing machines.

Finally comes the finishing touches, we’ll install any appliances you’ve asked for, such as the fridge and freezer, oven, stovetop and anything else your new kitchen needs, fit the extractor fan into your kitchen and lastly, tile and decorate the space for you!

That’s the whole process we go through for a kitchen renovation in Wigan, so if you’re looking to renew your home’s kitchen, get in touch with us now!

The cost of kitchen renovations in Wigan are usually very dependant on what you would like. While some people would like very clean, simple spaces with classic fittings, others would like more interesting spaces and designs, with islands, free hanging lamps, built in herb gardens, espresso machines, under floor heating and anything besides! 

In general, if we’re talking about an average kitchen with the normal furnishings of a washer-dryer, fridge freezer, oven with a stovetop, one sink and simple wall units, then the cost will be around £5,000 - £10,000, depending on the size of the kitchen and the materials used in the refurbishment. Of course, if budget isn’t an object and you’d like something unique for your kitchen then we can do that for you too and we will always be upfront about the cost of anything you’ve asked for!

Before you start looking for a new kitchen, it is a good idea to know your budget and stick to it before you commit. If you only have £2,000 to spend on your kitchen, then it’s much more likely you’ll go further with some DIY as we wouldn’t want to disappoint you after chatting through how you would like your new kitchen to be and quoting something way above your price range! Generally, it’s good to have around £8,000 set aside to account for the average cost of a kitchen renovation, as well as the extra bits and pieces you’ll inevitably ask for during our works!

One of the greatest contributions to the cost of a new kitchen is normally moving around sinks and electricity points, as moving all the plumbing and electrical wiring is normally very costly, as well as moving any doors or windows you have, and installing any island stations. If you want to lower the cost of your renovation, a very good way to do it is by sticking to your current, existing floor plan and just remodelling around that. The same goes for your appliances, there will be the cost of purchasing new ones, as well as fitting etc.

Finally, it’s worth noting that even though a kitchen renovation can be an expensive affair, there’s no price that can match the feeling of happiness you get with a new, refreshed kitchen! At the same time, it’s been proven that if the cost of the kitchen remodel fits with the value of the home, if you are looking to sell that it will always pay for itself!

We have been renovating kitchens all over Wigan and the north-east for many years at this point, so our team have become very efficient at doing them up! While your own planning and dreaming stage can take as long as you take, once you’ve found a contractor, and have a general idea of what you’d like, it’ll take around a week for us to finalise the quote and design with you. Once that’s one, generally, average kitchen renovations take around 4-6 weeks from the start of work until we finish cleaning the place up!

A major contributing factor to the timeframe of course, is how much you want to change your kitchen! If you’re looking to knock through a wall to create a waiting station, move the position of windows or doors, or change the structure in any meaningful way, this will add a fair amount of time onto the job. The same goes for if you want to change the existing floor plan, as with the cost above, because this requires working with plumbing and electricity and refitting it all.

Finally, if you’re looking to use any unique materials, appliances or anything similar, there’ll be the timeframe of ordering the product and waiting for it to arrive, then installing, and for some bespoke materials, this can take a while!

We do believe our builders in Wigan provide the best kitchen renovations in the area, so if you’re interested, get in touch with us now for a no-obligation chat and let's begin building your new dream kitchen!