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Extensions are a great way to ad extra square feet into your home and give you a roomier kitchen, a larger living room area or even just build a conservatory to enjoy your garden while protected from the weather! Extensions can be a great idea in those areas where you're unable to gain planning permission to change your loft or basement but still want to improve your living space and the value of your home.

All of our building team are professional, experienced at dealing with clients and efficient in their work. We'll provide you a free, no obligation chat when you contact us about what might be possible and what we can do for you, and then if you're interested in our work, a free quote as well.

We can provide you with examples of our previous work and put you in touch with our previous customers so they can give you their own opinions on us!

If you like the sound of a new extension for your home, get in touch with us today!

Wigan Builders - Extensions in Wigan
Wigan Builders - Extensions Wigan

There are many things you can do with a new extension in Wigan, but here’s just a small list of our most popular requests:

New bedroom - Probably the most popular thing we get asked for with new extensions is to create new bedrooms. These are usually a fantastic option for growing families, or those that have a child that is growing to need their own room. It’s also a good option for you if you have elderly relatives moving back in with you as the extension is on the ground level which means there are no stairs they’ll have to contend with!

Home office - A home office is another popular request we have for Wigan extensions. The reason is fairly obvious if you think about it; extensions can be made into a separate “wing” of the house, meaning you can walk in, close the door and get into work mode as opposed to feeling relaxed because you’re at home. If you’ve ever tried working from home, you know how hard it can be to get into work mode and focus, so this is a great way to add a seperation! 

Studio - For many of the same reasons as a home office, a studio is a great idea for your new extension. On top of that, as extensions normally have glass outer walls or skylights, you’ll have tons of natural light to create with your paints, camera or whatever else you use! We can of course adapt the extension however you need to so if you have any specific requirements, you can ask us!

Gym - Due to the nature of extensions; being on the ground floor, usually being to the side or the back of a house and having the ability to be sound-proofed or built in any way you like, they can make great gyms. If you want an area where you can lift weights and drop them in your own home without bothering the neighbours or damaging your floor, we can sound-proof the room, install a sound system and bolt down any equipment you’d like in there. On the opposite end, if you’d like to create an open, airy space with a few cardio machines, we can also do that! Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Man Cave/Lady Lounge - Without going too much into gender stereotypes, we also get asked very often to make an escapist room for our clients in the form of hobby rooms or man caves. These can run the gamut from fully stocked bars to home cinemas, libraries to lounges or whatever else you can dream up - within reality of course!

If you want your new extension in Wigan to be used for any other purpose then get in touch with us!

While extensions are usually cheaper than loft conversions, the drawback is in the time it takes for an extension. As extensions require a fair amount of construction, foundations laying and closing up, they can take a few weeks longer than loft conversions. On average a one storey extension in Wigan will take 6 - 12 weeks, with the average being 8 weeks from start of works to completion of the extension. If you’re looking into building a two-storey extension, you can safely add another 6-8 weeks on to the projected completion date.

As we have decades of experience building extensions, our team are very efficient and have dealt with almost every unforeseen challenge that can come up, so we believe we are one of the quickest builders teams in Wigan to complete extensions. At the same time, we never sacrifice quality for speed - we just know how to do things efficiently and without too much fuss or waiting around. So get in touch with us now for your new dream extension!

While some may believe extensions are very expensive to add onto their homes, they’re not that costly and add a lot of value onto your home, at times as much as 3 times the cost of the extensions, turning an £18,000 investment into £54,000 extra value!

Most of the cost of an extension goes into the cost of materials, labour and construction required for a new wing to your property. There’s also the cost of decorations and fittings that you’d like for your new room. All this adds up to an average of £1,600 - £2,600 per square meter. This means it’s usually a much cheaper option than going for a loft or basement extension and is usually more likely to gain planning permission. As we have decades of experience performing extensions all over the north-west, give us a call if you want to talk about how we can help you out!

The final cost of an extension in Wigan usually turns out to be £19,000 for an average home’s extension with one storey. Of course if you know you would like a two-storey extension, it’s much more efficient to ask for that straight away than try to add another story at a later date! Getting a two-storey will cost around £29,000 - £30,000, whereas trying to change it later on will be closer to £40,000 as the existing extension would need the roof broken down in such a way to keep the structure of the extension itself secure which is fairly complex and challenging!

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about extensions and a general price for an extension you’re thinking about!