Our bathroom renovations are some of the most talked about in Wigan!

We pride ourselves on making the best of every bathroom we can, rebuilding them into fantastic spaces that you will love spending time in. Our team has years of experience renovating bathrooms across the north-west and not only improving the values of people homes, but improving the quality of their lives. Nobody wants to take a bath in a damp-filled, plain, dark bathroom, but if the room was built in a way that you will love, then you'll find it hard to leave!

We've created bathrooms that run the gamut of looks, from classic white and silver to artistic and colourful spaces and everything in between! We can renovate your bathroom into anything you can think of and make it functional at the same time, with hidden pipework and electrical outlets for your hairdryer, shaver etc.,underfloor heating and special showers and baths such as rainfall showers and hot tubs.

If you'd like to change your bathroom into something a bit more exciting, then get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation quote and we'll see what we can do for you!

Bathroom renovations can be one of the cheaper renovations you can do, even with the amount of water-proofing, plumbing and structural work that might need to be done. This is because normally,. There isn’t the cost of sourcing appliances like in a kitchen renovation, or quite the amount of complex structural work required for a cellar or loft conversion. Normally they run the range of £3,000 - £7,000, depending on how you would like the bathroom finished.

The biggest cost normally comes in the materials you’d like to use for your new bathroom, and whether you’d like under floor heating (which is amazing when getting out of the bath or shower!). Next is if you’d like a unique, bespoke shower that runs water in a certain way, such as a rainfall shower, and how much glass you’d like to use in the bathroom. Next down the line is plumbing. This usually ranges around £700 to £900, and can cost more if you decide to move your shower, sink and bath around the room.

An often forgotten cost is also that of clean up and waste removal. Hiring a skip and a cleaning team does cost money and you’ll need it as a lot of dust and waste can be producing through tiling and finishing flooring!

As with any large building purchase for your home in Wigan, it’s best to start off by knowing what your budget is for any work, sticking to that budget and then deciding whether you should attempt to DIY, or if you have the money for a professional team.

If you know what you’d like and think you have the money for it, then get in touch with us now! We’ll have a chat with you with no obligation and let you know if your dreams are realistic. If they are then we can start designing and planning with you and turn your dreams into a reality!

When it comes to bathroom renovations, as opposed to most other types, you have a problem in that you obviously can’t use your bathroom while the works are going on! Therefore it’s very important to know a timeframe for how long the works will take before you embark on them! Our Wigan building team will always be upfront and honest with you about the time frame for your new bathroom before we sign off to start works, so that you can be secure in other arrangements while the work is happening!

As we have decades of experience installing new bathrooms, we have grown pretty efficient at doing them without costing the earth! Generally the average bathroom renovation in Wigan will take us 8-10 days, depending on just how much you’d like to change in your bathroom, with the biggest time sink being if you’d like to move the sink, toilet, bath or shower around, as these would require drastic changes to the plumbing! Another one will be if you want to change the type and position of the lights in your bathroom. Say from a halogen ceiling bulb, to LED strips. If you’re just looking for a retile and a refresh, this will usually only take around 5 days.

If you’ve got an idea for your new bathroom, then get in touch with us today! We’re friendly, efficient and fantastic value-for-money!