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Our team has years of experience not only with building and renovation works, but also structural jobs. What this means for you is we have absolutely no problem excavating more space in your basement, keeping it solid and secure while carving out more space for you into the earth! We've built all kinds of rooms in our customer's basements, creating new space for them without having to add more floors onto their house or changing the facade of their building!


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Basement conversions in Wigan are one of our lesser known but useful services! If you already have an extension and loft conversion and want to expand further, or just want to make use of your unloved space below ground, then we can help turn it into a fantastic room!

Of course there are many things you can do with a garage conversion and it’s really only limited by your imagination, but we’ve found that certain types of rooms work very well in a basement conversion! Here’s just a few of them:

Extra bedroom - These are usually the most popular type of room that home-owners go for when they get a basement conversion. This is because usually those looking for a conversion are doing so to cater for their expanding and growing family! While you might think a basement conversion would be a dingy affair, this couldn’t be further from the truth with an experienced builders team in Wigan! What we would usually do is add skylights and egress windows towards your back garden, and if possible on a north-facing wall to make the most of all available daylight. We’d also insulate and proof it properly so you’ll never be affected by damp!

Home recording or photography studio - Basements actually make fantastic home recording studios, due to the fact they are below ground, which naturally protects from most outside sources of sound and can be given extra sound-proofing! They also make great visual studios due to the fact that lighting sources can be much more readily controlled, with the windows able to be blacked out if needed and no other sources of light penetrating through!

Home office / Study - Because of the peace and quiet you can gain in a basement, as stated above, they also serve as fantastic study and home office areas! You can outfit your basement with a desk, shelving and any kind of comfortable furniture and fittings you need, and sit back and enjoy your work in comfort! Whether it’s for your own work and research, or for your children to separate themselves from the rest of the house with a pen, paper and exercise book, basement studies and home offices allow you to do work from the comfort of your own home. We can also install seperate entrances to these in case you want to start inviting clients to your home office while keeping them separate from your personal space!

Gym - Basements conversions make great gym areas due to their sound and steady structure and ability to adapt to your own tastes and needs! While the earth provides natural sound-proofing against the rest of the house and your neighbours, we can also install additional sound-proofing to keep disruption to a minimum. At the same time we can install any new equipment or weights racks you need, as well as air-conditioning, lighting, sound system and anything else you might need from your home workouts! Converting your own garage into a gym actually also saves you money in the long run if you’re paying over the odds for a gym membership, while adding a ton of resale value to your home! Again, as with a home office, if you’re a personal trainer that wants to create your own workout space for you and your clients, we can install a separate client-only entrance to your home!

Basement conversions are one of those adaptations to your house that unfortunately, can be hard to estimate without knowing what you need exactly. If you already have a liveable basement, but just want to turn it into a different room with a renovation, it’ll be a much shorter job than changing the size of the space and lowering the floor in the basement to allow for more space and headroom!

Generally for a smaller basement conversion in Wigan, with a renovation to the existing room, and installing some insulation, waterproof shielding and placing in new furniture, basement conversions can take as little as 4-6 weeks, if you’re changing it into something simple such as a home office or new bedroom.

However, time sinks can soon add up, especially if you’re looking to lower the floor in your basement conversion to allow for more headroom! If you are looking to do that, you’ll not only have a lot of additional time added onto the building and construction stage, but you’re also much more likely to have to apply for planning permission in order to go ahead with it!

Just as an aside, if you are looking to make any real changes to the dimensions of your basement, it’s always worth talking to your local council or ward before shopping around for a company to help you achieve your dream. The council will be best placed to let you know if you need to request planning permission first or not. It’s not worth spending the few weeks finding the right quote from the right company for your new basement, and then finding out you actually can’t go ahead with it. Especially as some companies - unlike us! - can charge for consultations and quoting if you don’t go ahead with them!

If you did want to change the dimensions of your basement and lower the floor, or even add another room, and install a seperate entrance as well as specialist equipment such as for a gym or recording studio, your basement conversion can take up to as many as 6 months! However, it is worth noting that putting that much time into your basement conversion turns it from a simple paint job and new furniture, to a fully fledged separate wing to your home, which in some cases more than pays for itself!

If you have an idea of if you need planning permission and know generally what you’d like for your basement conversion, get in touch with us now and we can have a discussion about how long we think we’ll take as a first estimate before a full quotation and that will give you some information on whether you think it might be worth moving out for a few months while work goes on. Planning ahead is always the best option!

As with the time taken for a basement conversion, unfortunately trying to list the cost of a basement conversion in Wigan on this page can be very difficult indeed as every home-owner needs very different services and has very different needs. Of course the more work that needs to be done to your basement, the more expensive the work will be!

Generally there are 4 big factors that increase the cost of any basement conversion you could go for:

Adding extra rooms or storeys: If you’d like to add an extra story or room onto your current basement, then this will absolutely need planning permission which will already increase the cost required for your conversion just at the planning stage. You will then also need to factor in the cost for digging into the ground below or around your current room, reinforcing the space, testing these reinforcements, then waterproofing, insulating and finishing. Of course, this can be a fantastic addition to your home if you already have a loft conversion and extension and can add a great deal of value to your home depending on what the space is then used for!

Structural changes to the basement: If you need to lower the floor in your basement in order to create more headroom in the space, then this can be pretty costly to do. You’re very likely to apply for planning permission if you want to do this as the council will have limits on how low a basement can go dependant on location. At the same time, we’ll have to dig into the earth with specialist equipment, make sure the floor is level, underpin it and test it, which can add up to a fair amount.

Plumbing and electrical works: In almost all cases, electrical work will need to be done to install new lighting and electrical sockets into your basement. This usually requires an electrician to be on site twice, for first fix and second fix, and as we only use specialist electricians with certification to make sure everything is safe, we need to pay for them. The same goes for any plumbing you’d like to add into your basement in the form of sinks, toilets or showers.

Separate entrances, and windows & doors works: Adding a seperate entrance to your basement, again usually requires planning permission to do and changing the position of your existing entrance door may do as well if it requires digging through to the basement. This will be an additional cost. Adding a seperate entrance can also be quite costly due to the structural and building work we have to perform. At the same time adding or changing the position of windows will require us digging up to the surface and installing and proofing the windows.

If your basement conversion just needs a renovation, a bit of a paint job, some waterproofing and finishing and placing some furniture in, then generally it will only cost around £10,000, including the cost of the furniture.

If you’re looking for something that has an extra storey, specialist equipment, lighting, sound system, separate entrance and the works, you could be looking into the hundreds of thousands!

The general rule of thumb in the industry for basement conversion costs in Wigan tends to be £700 - £1,000 per square meter. This will include fittings, furnishings, waterproofing and insulation. 

The major hidden cost that most building companies will hide from you in their original quote is VAT at 20%. This can of course be a huge hidden cost if you’re not expecting it! That’s why when we quote you, we will always add VAT to the quote wherever needed and be very upfront and transparent with you on costs.