We are Wigan Builders. We’ve been improving homes, businesses and public spaces for decades around the North-West! While originally starting our business in Manchester, we have grown from strength to strength and recently started servicing the entire north-west including Wigan!

We know what it takes to improve a space, from the initial conversation with our customer, to our design, quoting and tendering process, through to the building works and finally to our after-care and check backs with all of our customers. Both those that are happy, and those that need a little more follow-up work to become happy!

We have done many works in the north-west, from loft conversions with new bedrooms for growing families, to conservatories for those that are retiring and wish to rest at home with their garden. Kitchen renovations for those that are planning to sell their home and wish to spruce the place up before their home goes on the market, to landscaping to turn their wild, overgrown garden into a space they can grill up a storm in while their kids play in the pool!

If you have an idea for how you can improve your space, then get in touch with us now by filling in the form on the right, or giving us a call on 01234567890!

Our mission is to make your dreams come true, your home a beautiful building and not impact your bank account too much!

Wigan Builders - Property Renovation in Wigan
Wigan Builders - Wigan Loft Conversion

Here at Wigan Builders, we know that when it comes to your new building project, whether it’s a loft conversion or a kitchen renovation, you’re after a specific set of skills. You need professionalism, value-for-money, friendliness and efficiency from your building team. That’s why we pride ourselves on making those our core business values. We want to do such a good job for each of our customers that they work as our marketing team and recommend us to everyone they know!

We charge you what our quote says, we take as long as we tell you we will, we use builders that are approachable, can communicate well with you and don’t bother you and we do whatever we can to make your dreams come true!

We believe we have the skills, knowledge, experience and customer base to back up our claims when we say we are one of the best building teams in the north-west and definitely the best in Wigan.

When you first contact us, one of our project managers will quickly call you back and have an informal chat with you about what you’d like to accomplish with your new works, how we can help and if there will be any limitations or challenges we’ll have to overcome together. 

If you’d like to move forward, they’ll then meet you at your space in Wigan and have a look through to see what needs to be done in a bit more detail and see if what you’d like is feasible. If all goes according to plan, your project manager will then begin the process of drawing up plans for the work and a quotation. 

Be aware, we will always be truthful and honest with our quotations, which is a double-edged sword; we will never add on hidden costs to our quote (unless of course you ask us to do additional works, in which case it will be done on an ad-hoc basis!), but we will also give you a true price for our work, which may seem more expensive than other companies at first. The reason for this is that all the hidden costs that other companies place on at the end is included in our pricing so you don’t get caught out! We only charge for labour, materials, specific skills and time, that’s it.

If you’re happy with your quote, plans & drawings, then we’ll start work! Wherever possible, if we are working on a home, we will work in such a way that enables you to still live in the property (such as landscaping, building conservatories or outhouses or the like). Our team of builders will always be respectful, approachable and friendly and we take complaints very seriously as we always want our customers to feel safe with us. We’ll often be working in homes where one parent of a family will be looking after a small child and we understand the importance of not bothering them too much!

Our work will very often follow the time-frame we’ve also laid out to you during the planning phase, however, there are unforeseen events that can occur and we will always do our best to manage these and keep you informed every step of the way!

Finally, once work is finished, we will consult with you to make sure the final product makes you as happy as what you envisioned when you first started thinking about it! If it is, we’ll ask you to review our services online and check back with you in a month to make sure you’re still happy. If not, then we’ll make sure to do whatever we can to help.

Loft conversions are where our company first cut our teeth, to grow our company all those 30 years ago. So when it comes to lofts, we think we know a thing or two about what makes a good conversion in Wigan! There are a few types of loft conversions you can choose from and the type you take depends on what you want to achieve and your unique circumstances.

Velux loft conversion - If you want to just add an extra room or two into your property without spending too much, or taking out planning permission and spending the time that takes, then a velux is for you. We just use your extending loft space to create a livable area, reinforce the floor and add skylights for natural light, then renovate and decorate as you prefer!

Dormer loft conversion - This is the most common type of loft conversions on UK homes. The telltale signs of a dormer conversion are the flat roof that juts out above the existing roof on a house. This mid-cost conversion adds the ability to increase the headroom for your space as well as installing conventional windows into your room. They usually create 2-3 rooms into your home, depending on the original size of your house. It’s also usually possible to add a small balcony onto this conversion.

Mansard loft conversion - This is the other kind of mid-cost loft conversion you can add onto your home. Instead of adding a flat roof like a dormer does, it raises the wall that your house shares with your neighbour and creates a gently sloping roof that doesn’t stick out as much as a dormer conversion does. It may be more likely at times that your council planning department is more likely to allow a Mansard as opposed to a Dormer because of this. They add the same amount of rooms as a Dormer so the choice between which of these two you have is usually between what the council will allow and the style you’re going for.

Hip to gable loft conversion - These are the loft conversions that will give you an entire new floor to your house and the most amount of space possible! The trade-off is that of course it is the most expensive and takes the longest time; and they are only available if you have an end of terrace or detached house as it straightens the end roof up and if the council allows, you can add a dormer end onto it allowing you the maximum amount of space possible. We’ve even had some past customers turn these loft conversions into entire flats or AirBnBs to rent out as separate apartments.

Of course the cost and timeframe for a loft conversion in Wigan will always depend on circumstances so we’ll keep you informed about what the numbers are for you!

Extensions are another popular project that our Wigan building team get asked for. We can add extensions onto the ground floor of most homes, provided there is space and when needed, the planning permission is allowed. Extensions are a fantastic way to add a new room or two onto the back or side of your home which don’t usually take as long or are as intrusive as loft conversions. They can be used to add a new bedroom for your growing family or as a hobby room, a home office or a gym, a man cave or a lady lounge! Whatever you can dream up, we can usually make a reality without too much fuss or cost.

If an extension is the first adaptation you’ll be making to your home, it normally doesn’t require planning permission as long as the extension is only one storey and doesn’t extend more than three meters past the back wall of the house. These are the most common limitations, but it is of course up to you to do your own research before you set your heart on building an extension to your house!

Single-floor extensions usually cost in the low tens of thousands and usually take us 2-3 months to complete but of course this does depend on circumstances!

Conservatories are a relatively low-cost way to improve your home’s value, as well as making it a nicer place to live in with more natural light, a larger space and the ability to be sheltered from the weather while enjoying your garden. They usually only cost a few thousand and take a couple of months to source and build. Another benefit is that they very rarely require planning permission to build, so the turn-around from our first conversation with you to the final day on site is very quick.

We’d very much recommend you looking into getting a conservatory if you don’t need a lot of extra space and don’t have much spare cash to adapt and change your home at the moment. They will make an appreciable difference in your living standard and make you much happier with your current home!

The average brit spends only 6 hours a week in their kitchen and we believe this number would be bigger if we all had beautiful kitchens that we would love to be in! We think this would make families happier by spending time together, healthier by having fresh, home-cooked food and wealthier by not spending so much money on pre-cooked and take away food!

As a building company in Wigan, of course one of the most popular services we perform are renovations. There are a few reasons for this: as the turn-around time for them is very quick, they are relatively cheap for the improvement you’ll see and of course everyone likes to improve and refresh their home! Our team can improve your kitchen in many ways, installing new equipment, changing the decoration of the room, rearranging the space to create more room to cook, or more room to eat as you prefer, adding windows and anything else you might think of!

When you chat to us, let us know what it is you plan to do with your new kitchen in Wigan and how you would use it and we’ll give you some useful advice on how we believe it should be laid out and if we think your suggestions would accomplish what you are looking for!

Last but not least, another popular service we perform in Wigan and the entire north-west is landscaping. We can turn your overgrown, wild garden into a beautiful space you’d love to enjoy the weather in! Our team can perform all kinds of landscaping, whether it’s just greenery and gardening, or building decks and paving to create a layered garden with space for all your activities. We can even install a pool into your garden as long as you have space for it!

We’ll usually make sure to consult with you before we start drawing up plans about what kind of things you want to do in your garden and if you want it to be a space you just sit and relax in surrounded by nature with chairs, or you want to do things like exercise with a pool or trampoline, grill with your family and invite friends over so need a table and chairs and deck space or want to do a mixture of all three! We’ll take a look at the space you have and figure out how to make your dreams come true from there!